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Ames Tapers and Painting Contractors


With Ames taping, there’s no need to cover the entire wall. Our skilled Ames taper applies a protective compound only to the joints of new plasterboard, effectively safeguarding against fire and smoke. This technique allows us to finish your decorating project faster, using a fast-drying material that creates a sleek surface that’s ready for decoration. Rest assured that with our expertise, your project will be completed with efficiency and precision.

The crucial task of finishing gypsum wallboards falls under the purview of an Ames taper or Drywall Finisher. Their job involves a wide range of activities, such as taping, spotting, pointing, filling, finishing, and sanding joints, angles, internal and external corners, as well as field surfaces. This requires a high level of proficiency in using hand filling and machine tool methods for both preparation and application techniques.

Ames taping is a more cost effective alternative to plastering, where only the joins in the boards are taped and skimmed, leaving a feathered edge and a perfectly flat surface ready to be primed and painted.

With the advancement in tools over the years, Ames taping can be done as fast as plastering with just as good a finish and is quickly becoming the chosen method for all new builds and refurbs.

A professional painter and decorator applies their expertise to enhance the texture and look of surfaces. They typically work on both interior and exterior surfaces, using a variety of materials such as varnishes, paint, wall fabrics, stains, and sealers. In some cases, they may also need to prepare surfaces by plastering, scraping off old paint, sanding, or filling in gaps – especially when working on older structures.

If you require the services of a painter and decorator to paint or wallpaper multiple rooms, you should expect to pay between £160 and £280 per day. It’s important to keep in mind that the cost may vary depending on your location within the UK, as some regions have higher labour expenses than others. For instance, in Edinburgh, a painter and decorator may charge between £40 and £50 per hour whereas a painter and decorator in Perth may charge between  £25 and  £35

Yes, we have full public and employers’ liability insurance.

Yes. All work is fully guaranteed for a year. 

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