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At Aarmac Ames Tapers Dunfermline, we offer both mechanical and hand-taping services. Our team can provide skilled hand and machine tapers for clients throughout Dunfermline and Fife.

Our Ames Taping service caters to:

  • Private clients,
  • Property development companies,
  • Joinery contractors, and
  • Architects.

We handle projects ranging from small domestic house extensions to large industrial units.

Our clients can expect a prompt, friendly, and cost-effective service.

Over the past few years, remarkable advancements in Ames taping tools have emerged. These enhancements have culminated in a finish akin to traditional plastering, yet achievable in significantly less time.

The expedited drying time of taping and jointing materials facilitates faster project completions. This has led to the widespread adoption of Ames taping as the favored technique for new construction projects across Scotland.


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Ames Taping Services Scotland

Aarmac Ames Tapers and Painting contractors - Providing a High Quality Ames Taping Service to Dunfermline Fife

Ames Tapers Dunfermline Fife
Ames Taping Service Dunfermline Fife

Ames taping is a cost-effective alternative to plastering. While a plasterer covers the entire wall, an Ames taper applies tape and three coats of jointing compound only to the joins. This creates a seamless flat surface with a feathered edge, ready for priming and painting.

If you’re involved in property development in Dunfermline, our Ames Taping service is an ideal choice. This method is cost-effective and quick-drying. This allows you to complete your project more efficiently and ahead of schedule compared to traditional plastering methods.

Our Ames Taping service is suitable for homeowners, builders, architects, and painters alike.

Over the years, we have worked with numerous private and commercial customers, all of whom have been delighted with our attention to detail, workmanship, and professional manner.

Why choose an Ames Taper?

Ames taping is an alternative to traditional plastering that involves using tape and joint cement to join the plasterboard together. Unlike traditional plastering, the tape and joint cement are applied only to the joints and screw holes of the plasterboard, rather than the entire surface.

When executed properly, Ames taping results in walls and ceilings having a seamless and smooth surface, ready for decorating.

Ames taping is the way to go for those looking for a more efficient and cleaner alternative to plastering. Not only is it more cost-effective, but it also dries faster. From a decorator’s perspective, there are numerous benefits to choosing Ames taping.

For larger projects, taping tools can be used, but hand work is also an option.For larger projects, taping tools can be used, but handwork is also an option for smaller projects.

This material is commonly utilised in modern construction for its fire and smoke protection properties, in addition to the reasons previously mentioned.

Our team is comprised of highly skilled professionals who provide exceptional Ames taping services of the highest quality.

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The Benefits of Selecting Aarmac Ames Tapers Dunfermline

When it comes to achieving a flawless and expertly finished drywall installation, one name consistently stands out in Dunfermline – Aarmac Ames Tapers. Renowned for their unparalleled expertise and unwavering dedication to excellence, Aarmac Ames Tapers Dunfermline has become the preferred choice for contractors, builders, and homeowners in the region. In this article, we will delve into the compelling reasons behind choosing Aarmac Ames Tapers Dunfermline for all your drywall finishing requirements, particularly if you seek a specialist in Ames taper techniques.

  1. Proficiency in Ames Taper Techniques

Aarmac Ames Tapers Dunfermline specialises in the intricate art of Ames taper techniques. This distinctive approach to drywall finishing ensures that the seams and joints between drywall panels become nearly invisible, resulting in a polished and professionally finished appearance. Attaining this level of perfection demands specialised knowledge, the use of precise tools, and extensive experience – qualities that Aarmac Ames Tapers Dunfermline possesses in abundance. Their team of skilled professionals has honed their expertise in Ames tapering, positioning them as the ideal choice for projects that demand nothing short of a flawless finish.

  1. Superior Craftsmanship

Excellence is paramount in drywall finishing, and Aarmac Ames Tapers Dunfermline understands this principle profoundly. They take immense pride in their craft, employing the finest materials and techniques to produce results that consistently surpass expectations. Whether the task at hand involves a residential renovation, a commercial build-out, or any other drywall project, you can rely on Aarmac Ames Tapers Dunfermline to deliver a finish that not only radiates beauty but also offers lasting durability.

  1. Meticulous Attention to Detail

A defining characteristic of Aarmac Ames Tapers Dunfermline is their unwavering commitment to precision and attention to detail. They comprehend that even the slightest imperfection in drywall finishing can become glaringly evident. Consequently, they meticulously scrutinise and refine every inch of your drywall, leaving no room for flaws or imperfections. Their unwavering dedication to achieving perfection ensures that the end product is not just aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound.

  1. Punctual and Dependable Service

Aarmac Ames Tapers Dunfermline recognises the critical importance of time in the construction industry. Therefore, they place great emphasis on delivering their services punctually and reliably. When you opt for Aarmac Ames Tapers Dunfermline, you can have full confidence in their ability to meet your project deadlines, thereby assisting you in adhering to your schedule and budget.

  1. Competitive Pricing

While Aarmac Ames Tapers Dunfermline offers top-tier craftsmanship and expertise, they also comprehend the significance of maintaining competitiveness in the market. They offer transparent and equitable pricing, ensuring that you receive outstanding value for your investment. Their pricing structure is thoughtfully designed to accommodate projects of various sizes and budgets, rendering them an accessible choice for clients with diverse requirements.


Should you find yourself in need of drywall finishing services in Dunfermline, and if your expectations demand nothing less than the best, your search can cease with Aarmac Ames Tapers Dunfermline. Their mastery of Ames taper techniques, dedication to superior craftsmanship, commitment to precision, reliability, and competitive pricing make them the foremost choice for drywall finishing in the region. By selecting Aarmac Ames Tapers Dunfermline, you are choosing a partner wholeheartedly dedicated to elevating your drywall into a masterpiece of artistry.